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On this page, we publish Voice Finfinne's views on the comments and analysis written by various news papers and parties in relation to the Oromo people

June 11, 2005

Was the Civil Unrest about Overtaking the Government or about Vote Rigging?

January 8, 2005

Who Should be Voted out: The TPLF or Meles?

December 24, 2004

The OLF on a Delicate Ground

December 8, 2004

Meles’ and Isaias’ Wall in Afar Land?

October 9, 2004

Handover the Battered Baby to the Oromo People!

September 22, 2004

 Opening the Box Fully

July 17, 2004

 Could Cushitic Wisdom Traditions Have Inspired Jesus and Mohammed?

June 11, 2004

 Going Global with the Usual Chauvinistic Baggage

May 9, 2004

 Freedom: A Dream of the Past, the Present and the Future

April 25, 2004

 Measuring TPLF's Flying Altitude

April 21, 2004

 Meles Zenawi or Not, Self-Deception is Futile

March 27, 2004

Journalistic Assault on the Demand of the Mass - Addis Tribune Style