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The Regional State of Oromia in Ethiopia recently passed an ultimatum to evict Oromia's institutions from Finfinne, which was renamed Addis Ababa over a 100 years ago by Ethiopia's political establishment. It is believed by the Oromo people that this decision was passed under covert pressure from the government of Meles Zenawi. It will be remembered sorely in Oromo history since it undermines or purposefully neglects the following facts.

1) Oromos have an inalienable right to Finfinne.
2) No Oromo institution should be evicted from Finfinne without consultation with the Oromo people.
3) Ethiopia should respect its own constitution (Article 49, Section 5) and not allow Oromo institutions to be evicted from Finfinne.
Appeal Letters

Expelling Oromos from Finfinne (Addis Ababa) will Exacerbate the Political Crisis in Ethiopia (Oromo Liberation Front statement) Details

The Protest of Maccaa and Tuulemaa Association against an Attempt to Uproot Oromos from their Ancestral Land Finfinne Details

Faces and Phases of Colonialism: The Case of Finfinnee (Union of Oromo Students in Europe) Details

How much of ourselves we compromise when we just settle instead of fighting for what is legitimately ours (Statement of United Liberation Forces of Oromia) Details

No TPLF decree would alter the territorial integrity of Oromia (Oromia Liberation Council) Details

Oromo Community of Seattle Appeal Letter
to Mr. George W. Bush

'Oromo National Academy' Appeal Letter to Mr. Kofi Annan
Chronology of Events

January 2008

The Oromo Libertion Front (OLF) website reported that Matcha and Tulama self-help association restarted to function and celebrated the 45th year anniversary of its formation.

November/December 2007.

The Ethiopian Reporter wrote about the release of the leaders of Matcha and Tulama self-help association and the reinstatement of the association. It also reported that they have been fully acquitted acquitted from the allegations brought against them.

January 13, 2004.

Oromo communities in different parts of the world stage demonstrations against the decision to evict Oromo institutions from Finfinne. These demonstrations were held in Toronto, Canada; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Stockholm, Sweden; and at the UN office in New York.  Read OSA's appeal to the UN

January 6, 2004

Amnesty International issues Urgent Action statement. Read more

January 5, 2004

Oromo Communities around the world send appeal letter to interntional communities. Read more

January 4, 2004

Macha and Tulema Association's peaceful demonstration blocked by government forces. Read more


History of Finfinne

History of Finfinne (by Dr. Mekuria Bulcha)



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