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February 12, 2008.

Dear readers,

Voice Finfinne was started following the decision to move Oromia's capital from Finfinne to Adama in late 2003. The decision was reversed in 2005. The leaders of the Matcha and Tulama self-help association who were put in prison following their protest against that decision were released in late 2007, reportedly having been acquitted from all the charges filed against them. The association was reported to have restarted functioning and celebrated its 45th anniversary in January 2008. Voice Finfinne would like to inform its esteemed readers that it will no longer publish new content at this site. It is instead preparing to become an objective online newspaper as Finfinne Times at www.finfinnetimes.com. Thank you for visiting.

A commentary published on the political discourse in East Africa

Note to Voice Finfinne's Readers: The Special Report on the Long History of North East Africa column is the last in a series of Voice Finfinne columns. Voice Finfinne is planning to become a an objective online newspaper focusing on East Africa. The website address of this newspaper will be announced when it is launched. Voice Finfinne will remain in public domain for your reference. Thank you for reading Voice Finfinne.

April 2, 2005

Special Report on the Long History of North East Africa

December 20, 2005

Insecurity, Loyalty, Expediency and Agony

November 7, 2005

The Power and Liberation Factors in the Struggle of the Oromo People for Liberty

October 21, 2005

Stocktaking and Cultivating Objectivity in Oromo Political Movement

October 2, 2005

Going Inside the Oromo Galma Qallu and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

September 18, 2005

Maintaining Political Sanity: What the OLF Should Do Amid Political Insanity in East Africa

September 11, 2005

Oromia's Independence: Has the Time Come? Under Whose Watch?

August 19, 2005

Wonderful Likely Continuity of North East Africa’s Long History - Part I

Wonderful Likely Continuity of North East Africa’s Long History - Part II

August 19, 2005

Getting Legitimacy: What the Illegitimate TPLF Should Do Now

July 25, 2005

A Call for Meaningful Reconciliation for Lasting Peace in East Africa

Note to Voice Finfinne's readers: Since its inception, Voice Finfinne has written several columns on various issues around the history of East Africa and the ongoing struggles of all the peoples in Ethiopia for liberty. Our hope is that however minute it may have been, Voice Finfinne's columns have contributed to the people's struggles in a positive way. While there are positive signs that the peoples in our region are increasingly being empowered as a result of their concerted struggles, it is Voice Finfinne's wish to stop publishing its columns until further notice. I hope that the call being made by Voice Finfinne as well as other groups would be listened to by our political leaders. Voice Finfinne takes this opportunity to thank all its esteemed readers and hope that you will continue to read factual materials that have been published as well as those that will be published in the future. 

July 24, 2005

Amhara or Amharic Speaking Others

July 12, 2005

Not Burnt Faces

July 4, 2005

Kush, Meroe, Ethiopia and Abyssinia: Sorting Realities from Myths

June 15, 2005

Too Little, Too Late, But a Worthwhile Lesson

May 24, 2005

Fortifying Oromia's Political Landscape as the Old Guard Gets Foothold in Menelik's Garrison Towns

May 9, 2005

On the Eve of Ethiopia's 2005 Election

May 2, 2005

Oromo Heroes and Heroines and the Political Playing Field they Paved


A note to the readers of Voice Finfinne Column (02/27/2005)

Several developments have taken place in the struggle of the Oromo people for liberty since the start of Voice Finfinne over a year ago. It has written columns for fourteen months since it was started. Voice Finfinne has voiced enough of what it was set out to voice out. It is grateful for those that accepted it with such open ears and also wished it their best.

Now, Voice Finfinne has decided to change the frequency of writing its columns from every month to as necessary. When it becomes essential to write on issues not addressed in its columns of the past, it will do so.   


February 2005 (this column dedicated to an Oromo hero, name withheld)

The Oromo Nation on the Move amid Political Dynamics in East Africa

January 2005

Kiya and Arkamani: Clues or Coincidences?

December 2004

Gauging Political Dynamics in Ethiopian

November 2004

The Morality of Abyssinian Politics

October 2004

Finfinne or Addis Ababa - What is in the Name?

September 2004

Pondering the Cost of the Clash between Egalitarian and Dictatorial Cultures

August 2004

Gauging Internal Strength on the Road to Freedom

July 2004

The Making of Ethiopia's House of Peoples Representatives

June 2004

 Self-Determination or Self-Assertion?

May 2004

 Charting Lasting Solutions Instead of Quick Fix Adventures

April 2004

 Menelik's Adventure, the Peoples' Venture Testing us All a Century Later

March 2004

Unity of Purpose: A Historical and Timely Call to End TPLF's Tyranny in Oromia

February 2004

Indifference and Complacency in the Face of Tyranny Do Not Heal Wounds, They Exacerbate Them

January 2004

Meles Politicking in Ethiopia as Risky as his Doctoring on a Patient