ULFO Press Release


United Liberation Forces Of Oromiyaa (ULFO)
Tokkummaa Humnoota Bilisummaa Oromiyaa (THBO)

StatementAgainst the detachment of Finfinnee from Oromiyaa

How much of ourselves we compromise when we just settle instead of fighting for what is legitimately ours.

The Ethiopian government is busy executing its grand plan to de-Oromize Finfinnee; in effect to detach Finfinnee from Oromiyaa. The final order for the Oromo Institutions to pack and leave Finfinnee is already underway. Besides being one of the centres of our national heritage, Finfinnee has evolved to be our economic, social and political centre. Oromiyaa cannot be imagined without Finfinnee as its focal point; hence we shall never and ever give it away. We will not settle for Oromiyaa short of any part of it for that matter.

Finfinnee is an international centre with modern infrastructure and a window to the rest of the world. It is a principal economic and business metropolis built by the sweat and resources of generations of Oromos. Denying us this lifeline and international platform is a well-calculated move to marginalize and isolate the Oromo. This is brutally amputating Oromiyaa.

It's over a hundred years now since the Abyssinians have conquered and forcefully occupied Oromiyaa with the help of the European states, subsequently imposing a settler colonial system. The conquest of Oromiyaa was accompanied by the systematic destruction of our national heritage and social fabric. The colonial settlers viciously and indiscriminately exploited the human power and natural resources of Oromiyaa. Most often, indigenous Oromos were evicted from their rightful homeland to make space for the settlers. The pattern of behaviour of the present Ethiopian government is just the continuation of its predecessors. Prior to the expulsion of the Oromo institutions from Finfinnee, the Ethiopian government systematically evicted the inhabitants of the environs of Finfinnee. It was a premeditated move first to expand and then detach it.

Dismembering Oromiyaa along fake/artificial lines has always been the instrument of the Ethiopian ‘divide and rule’ system. The present Ethiopian government has devised a mechanism by which it thinks can do away with Oromo nationhood. The major element of the mechanism is to deal with Oromo geography and its demography. The barbarian act of the Ethiopian government targeting every able Oromo amounts to ethnic cleansing. It has slashed many parts of Oromiyaa to diminish it. This time, Finfinnee, the heart of Oromiyaa is targeted. This unending devilish act of disfiguring our motherland, Oromiyaa, by the Ethiopian government shall not be left unchecked; and we are going to oppose it in all possible ways.

Despite the conquest and the brutal Ethiopian rule, the resistance to the occupation has continued and grown to a full-fledged National Liberation Struggle. In the process of our struggle , we are regaining what we lost as a nation despite challenges remaining to be overcome to freely determine our destiny. Our enemy is attempting to reverse some of the hard won gains by:

Distorting and diminishing map of Oromiyaa.
Obstructing and trying to undermine Oromo People's Nation building.
Discouraging and ultimately attempting to ban Oromo language as, official language, a medium of education and communication in Oromiya.
Denying the Oromo people the opportunity to expand and develop its culture by eliminating, imprisoning and exiling Oromo Artists, elders and professionals.

All these hard won gains are permanently threatened and we duty bound to guard and expand them paying whatever it takes. The detachment of Finfinnee from Oromiyaa is an illegal act by all standards and shall be rejected by all Oromos.

Finfinnee is the crystallisation point and the symbol of the Oromo Nation state. What has begun with Finfinnee will continue tomorrow with other parts of Oromiyaa. Hence, it is the duty and responsibility of all Oromos to right away reject this illegal and illegitimate undertaking by the Ethiopian government using all means of resistance available.

ULFO hereby condemns this criminal act of the Ethiopian government and reaffirms its commitment to put an end to the colonisation of all parts of Oromiyaa once and for all applying all possible means.

ULFO calls upon the International Community to support the Oromo people in our just struggle to re-instate the territorial integrity of Oromiyaa and the right to self-determination of the Oromo people.

Unity is Strength!

Oromiyaa shall be free!