TBOA/ UOSE Press Release

Tokkummaa Bartoota Oromoo Awurooppaa
Union of Oromo Students in Europe

Faces and Phases of Colonialism: The Case of Finfinnee

History has shown different faces and phases of Colonialism.One face of classical colonialism can be charachterised by humilation, exploitation and the denial of the right of self-assertion seen in the light of democracy. It uses all means to reduce the colonies to a second class dehumanised being.

The other face, which goes beyond the above characterstic, is the compelete denial of the right to exist with ones own identity.This Phase and process involves physical annihilation of the subjects. History has recorded that many idigenious Peoples are systematically and mysteriously annihilated from the world map.

The Oromoo and other Peoples of the South have suffered both ugly faces under Minilik. The Yayyaa, Gullallee and Jiddaa oromos, who then inhabited Finfinnee, to mention a few, were systematically eliminated. Minilik poisened rivers and springs in Finfinnee which led to both human and livestock eradication.

The current TPLF led colonial successors are implementing the second pase of colonial process under the guise of democracy. The denial of the right of the Oromo to use Finfinnee let alone as the capital city of Oromia but as Federal Head Quarter, even under the status quo, cannot be comprehended other than denying us our very legitmate right to Oromia as parts make the whole.

The Union of Oromo Students in Europe ( UOSE/TBOA) condemns the measures taken by the colonial government of Meles Zenawi regarding Finfinnee as we believe that it:

1. denyst the inalinable right of the Oromo to Finfinnee;
2. disintegrates the already poverty-ridden families with an immense socio-economic implications;
3. exacerbates the already fragile socio-political situation in the empire; and
4. worsens the the human rights abuse history is recording ever since the formation of the empire.

Furthermore, the Union of Oromo Students in Europe, upholds all resolutions issued by the Maccaa and Tuulamaa Association, Oromo Liberation Front, Oromo Students Union from Oromia and other concerned compatriots regarding the colonial decision taken on Finfinnee.

Finally, UOSE would like to remind all concerned compatriots and sovereign Oromo political organisations that our verbal appeals alone will not be solving our problems as it neither did in the past. Nothing can bring us together if not our country, Oromia. He who has the whole has also the part ( piece).

Oromia Shall be Free!
Down with the archaich Amahara-Tigre colonialism and its surrogates!

UOSE/TBOA, Editorial Board